WalkerCom understands that specific industries require distinct technology solutions. As an Avaya Silver Partner, we are able to tailor our solutions and services to meet the needs of fast-growing businesses in every major market. Below are some of the industries we serve and the solutions that can benefit your company 

Medical Industry

Every Patient Interaction Is an Opportunity to Deliver Personalized Care—Anywhere, Anytime

The prescription for a better patient experience: reach more patients, help care teams connect and collaborate, and improve the business of healthcare through flexible contact center, mobile, video, and telemedicine solution.

Patient & Provider Engagement

Improved patient experiences with enhanced patient engagement solutions including proactive outreach and patient experience management for healthcare contact centers 

Mobile Care Team Coordination

Improved care team coordination by mobilizing staff and improving engagement within the care team to provide improved patient experience and patient outcomes. 

Quality Care & Manged Cost

Deliver better patient experiences while managing costs with mobility solutions, telemedicine, and proactive patient outreach 

Security Management

Help protect data while keeping it accessible with Avaya SDN Fx architecture. 

Education Industry

Avaya partners with educational institutions worldwide to deliver network, communications and collaboration technologies that support online testing, assessments, new learning paradigms and BYOD initiatives, as well as improve communications — with OPEX and CAPEX cost options that make sense.

  • Differentiate your institution in the marketplace when you use cost-effective mobile and wireless communications and advanced network solutions.
  • Lower your infrastructure costs by implementing an open, flexible, standards-based communications platform that works with your existing campus applications. Use this SIP-based platform to scale across multiple locations, regardless of your school’s size, and to dynamically optimize bandwidth.
  • Improve collaboration among students, faculty, and multi-institution teams. Expand campus contact center services and recruitment by supporting students across multiple communication channels, available on mobile devices.
  • Deploy creative digital learning solutions. Transform learning experiences with ubiquitous wireless access to online courses, add HD multi-party video to instructor-led classes, and create immersive online classrooms via the cloud.
  • Meet the top-of-mind goal to enhance campus safety by confidently supporting thousands of IP video cameras on your network.
  • Provide Secure Access to University Content. Implement a network and wireless infrastructure that’s proven capable of securely handling thousands of devices and users.
  • Shift Admin Costs to Innovative Solutions. Improving your communications infrastructure can lower your overhead costs for administration. Allocate the savings to provide mobility capabilities for staff so they’re reachable anywhere on campus.

Financial Industry

Avaya can help our Financial Services customers leverage multiple channels of communication to respond to their customer needs, meeting and exceeding their expectations with speed and convenience. Our solutions enable customers to deliver a consistent, high quality customer experience, regardless of communication channel, as the foundation for building deep, profitable relationships while decreasing cost. 

A personalized Customer Experience

Drive, protect and deliver on brand promise and increase customer loyalty by making each customer interaction personal, and positively memorable. 

Adhering to Regulatory Compliance

Ensure all applicable regulations are met for both customers and employees.

Improving operational efficiencies and innovation

Technical infrastructure needed to support various customers channels in the branch, contact center or web. 

Government Industry

Simplify communications, improve efficiencies, enhance collaboration and improve citizen satisfaction and public safety. Help residents and government staff connect and communicate with flexible and powerful mobile, video, and contact center solutions.

  • Leverage innovative technologies that enhance security, citizen services, and public employee productivity—all within reach of shrinking budgets.
  • Improve emergency responses with Next Generation 9-1-1 solutions capable of adding additional context to the location of a caller by enabling multichannel communications.
  • Enhance your quality of service with streamlined emergency interaction center solutions—so you can identify and resolve citizens’ issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Increase staff productivity with personal and group unified communications from any device—for collaboration on and off site.